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Price: $78.99
Item Number: 135X00X118

The term "inertia" refers to the tendency of an object in motion to stay in motion unless some force acts upon the object and makes it behave in a different way.

The inertia of a wheel rotating on a circle track race car undergoes four acts of force each lap. Using a proprietary, in-house testing apparatus, Bassett discovered that a wheel designed with more of its weight in the center required less force to rotate.

But it wasn't as easy as simply making the center material thicker. That would raise the overall wheel weight, which was unacceptable.

So Bassett's engineers conceived the unique five and six-spoke center designs, which place more weight in the center without raising weight or affecting strength.

Many racing products claim to be "bolt-on" horsepower, but Bassett Racing Wheel's Inertia Advantage center designs are proven to be faster. You can see the difference yourself by using a chassis dyno to measure rear wheel horsepower. Or, feel free to stop by our manufacturing facility in Burlington for a free demonstration of our Inertia Testing Apparatus.

Bassett Racing that is decades ahead of the competition.

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