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Bandolero Cars and Parts

Bandoleros, also produced by U.S. Legend Cars, offer drivers as young as eight years old access to the same type of affordable, quality spec car racing as their counterparts in the Legends series. With a 570 cc Briggs & Stratton engine that is modified to stretch its power to almost 30 HP, these cars offer an excellent starting spot for youngsters looking to get an early start in motorsports.

Publications put out by U.S. Legend Cars offer the following words from H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler about Bandoleros: "We wanted something to go between a kart and a car and wanted to make it relatively simple for everybody to use. For example, like a kart, the Bandolero Car has left-foot braking and a centrifugal clutch so there's no shifting of gears for a new driver to worry about. Simplicity and economy of design are evident everywhere, with 150 parts making up the entire package--just half of what goes into making a Legends Car."

ENGINE Briggs & Stratton Vangard (sealed)
WEIGHT 550 lbs.
TIRES 7" X 12" BF Goodrich Tires Spec Racing
WHEELS 6" Spec Racing Wheel
SUSPENSION Coil Over Shocks
FRAME Full Tubeframe With Rollcage
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2012 Legends Car
Price: $12,995.00
2012 Legends Car
Fast, Fun, Exciting Racing Experience
Bandolero Tail Section Louvered
Price: $224.99
Bandolero Tail Section Louvered
This new style is quickly becoming a must-have among Bandolero drivers. For just $225.00 it does more than make your car look cooler; the new design reduces heat and keeps your engine running cooler, longer.
Regina Chain #35
Price: $34.99
Regina Chain  #35
Her name may be Regina. But she has increased strength. Great Chain. This is a must if you're running a Bully clutch. The regular chain can't take the wear and tear of the Bully clutch.
additional shipping TB
Price: $7.99
additional shipping TB
additional shipping
Bully Bandolero Clutch
Price: $429.99
Bully Bandolero Clutch
The Bully Clutch is here. Manufactured specially for INEX Bandoleros (clutch in photo not actual INEX clutch. Photo Available soon)
Chain Breaker
Price: $33.25
Chain Breaker
#35 Chain Pin Removal / Installation Tool
Driven Steering Wheel
Price: $160.00
Driven Steering Wheel
Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum Embroidered Driven Logo on Wheel Red Stitching Laser-Engraved Driven Logo on Spoke