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The Legends Setup Bible 2013. by Kevin Yeatts

Price: $95.00
Item Number: Y8TS

Setup Info. In my rookie season, my first decision was to shorten my learning curve by having someone else set up my car. I reasoned this would allow me to work on my driving style and give me one less thing to think about. The first time I asked my "setup guru" a question he answered me with a quick "Don't change the car, just shut up and drive". Thus began my determination to not only set up my own car but devise a method to teach others how to do the same.

Since we started doing our own setups we’ve helped hundreds of customers pick up that first (of many) wins.  For roughly the cost of a single tire, my manual can teach you everything you need to know to help you set up your own car to race-winning potential. More importantly, the knowledge stays with you so you don't need to come back and pay more more to set the car up again. The manual is located online and can be printed directly from the site. More than a manual, you are a subscribed customer and eligible to receive updates on the manual you purchased until the end of the current racing season. You will be notified every time there is an update.

Let's face it, every day isn't going to go great. Wouldn't you rather have the knowledge to put your own car back together and have it be exactly the way it was before without having to take it to someone else? Admittedly, the wreck to my right caused me to take the car to get some pretty extensive chassis repair, but once it was done I was able to get the car right back to the numbers I wanted and run in the top 3 with it the next time out at Nationals.

A question I get asked is "how long is the support on this manual?"

My general policy is to support my customers until the end of the current season in which they purchase the manual as part of the purchase price (which is $95 currently)and then I ask them to renew yearly at a discounted rate. Part of what makes my manual "special" is that you are getting inside and up to the minute access to everything I'm doing.  I'll never not answer specific questions, of course, but as part of a very shaky business model to begin with it doesn't really benefit me to give away everything I know indefinitely.  That's where my "subscription idea" came from in the first place.  I have customers who've renewed with me 4 and 5 times with no complaints.

Returning customers may purchase the updated manual for $75.00 (you will be refunded the $20 once renewal is verified next day)

I've won 10 state titles, 5 track titles, over 90 features, and had a hand in 5 National titles. My setup manual, which I wrote in 2000 and have updated ever since has helped nearly a thousand Legend racers pick up well over 1,600 feature wins over the last decade. Let me help you get where you want to be in Legends. Order yours today!

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